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Offering your child a nurturing environment

Infancy is a critical period in your child’s life as it sets the foundation for their long-term health. It is also where they show the most rapid growth after birth. This is why we at Unique ChildCare make sure that they will be well-supported during their time with us.

Among the things you can expect from our childcare facility when you entrust your infant with us include but are not limited the following:

  • Brightly colored rooms and walls
  • Rooms with soft music playing
  • Interactive games (e.g., peekaboo and hide and seek) and brightly colored toys
  • Designated ‘talk time’ to for sensory stimulation
  • And more

Get in Touch

We’re grateful for the opportunity to be part of your child’s formative years! For questions, suggestions, and requests for more information, please send us a message here. You may also schedule a tour in our facility immediately here.